Our Business

As a partner to hundreds of firms worldwide, Dealogic provides integrated content, analytics, and technology that helps clients originate the right opportunities, distribute deals to the right buyers, and ensure seamless and transparent consumption of resources.

The Dealogic platform seamlessly connects sellside and buyside firms, whether clients are working in:

  • Investment Banking
  • Capital Markets
  • Syndicate
  • Sales, Trading & Research
  • Institutional Investors
  • Corporations and Professional Firms

Firms who use Dealogic see results in increased profitability and productivity — and a client’s success is our top goal.

To learn more about our global business, please visit dealogic.com/platform

Our Teams
Below is a closer look at some of our critical teams.

Comprising over 20 teams across multiple offices, the Engineering group is responsible for developing and maintaining the technology that underpins the Dealogic platform – through a culture of learning, collaboration, and innovation.

Engineering teams cover all aspects of our technology, including:

  • Full-scale solutions with summation, aggregation, and processing of records and requests
  • Web applications and mobile portals that are fast, cross-browser compatible, scalable, and with a great user experience
  • Company-wide frameworks for reusable elements across different teams
  • Automated processes for collecting and distributing intelligence feeds to financial institutions, advisory providers, and more
  • Analytical functions (with predictive logic) to support client investment banks’ strategic decision-making

Depending on their focus, teams use different languages and technologies, including but not limited to:

  • C#
  • Single Page Application architecture
  • JavaScript (jQuery, Knockout, Angular)
  • MS SQL
  • Sybase servers
  • NHibernate
  • HTML
  • CSS
  • HTTP/REST solutions
  • Xamarin

In addition, we have the cross-departmental Dealogic Agile Resource Team (DART) where creative people come together, and build high-quality software using responsive and flexible methodology. This team helps to promote agile best practices across the company, and offer support including agile training for new starters, follow-up agile sessions, and facilitating agile development.

As market experts, the Research group is responsible for all content underlying the Dealogic platform. They ensure unique and unrivaled intelligence, and maintain the highest standards for data integrity.

Research teams cover all aspects of our content, by:

  • Gathering data from primary and public sources
  • Working and reconciling with market participants, such as investment banks, boutique advisory firms, law firms, and private equity
  • Working with colleagues across different offices to answer queries internally and externally

Research topics include equity capital markets, debt capital markets, mergers & acquisitions, syndicated loans, project finance, institutional investors, and more.

Biggest IPOs in history executed on our Platform.
Alibaba ($25.0bn)
Google ($1.9bn)
Twitter ($2.1bn)
Facebook ($16.0bn)